Project management


Judith Siebring has a lot of experience as project leader for various clients. Communication and project management are often extensions of each other. In every stage of a project – development, start, execution, completion and evaluation – it is of utmost importance to communicate clearly.

Project support

Talaria Communicatie supports companies and organisations with:

  • distinct formulation of goals and targets to properly lay-out a project plan, clearly mapping risks and opportunities
  • managing a project team
  • monitoring, information provision and evaluation during the execution of the project, obviously taking planning, deadlines and budget into account
  • maintaining contact with stakeholders
  • clear and comprehensible communication about concrete results

Project team

Judith is skilful in managing (or working together with) a project team. She is diplomatic, inspiring and assertive, but always friendly. She is well-aware of the environment and any political sensitivities. Judith is a generalist, who can familiarize with the topic quickly, but will always use her large netwerk of specialists to work with if necessary.

More information?

Talaria Communicatie is available for (interim) jobs in the field of project management. Please contact Judith to learn more.

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