Talaria Communicatie takes care of communication advice, text advice and translations in various languages. Judith is specialized in translations from and into English and Dutch. If so desired, she can count on her large network of translators to deliver you the proper translation into or from any other language upon your request.

Quality check by a native speaker

To guarantee the quality of the translations, Talaria always involves a native speaker to perform an extra check on the translated work.

Other languages

Do you need a translation from or into another language? In cooperation with translators from within her large network, Talaria Communicatie often looks after translations into and from, French, Spanish and German. However, translations into and from any other language can be arranged for as well.


Judith studied to be a Translator in English/Dutch and Dutch/English at the LOI University of Applied Sciences. During and after her study, she gained a lot of experience in translating for various customers, amongst which are Saxion Hogeschool Enschede, Triple IT and Youth Marketeers. To fully master a language, it is important to understand the culture of the region. That is only possible when you live there and completely immerse yourself in daily life. That is what Judith did. She lived several years in New Zealand, Canada and Uruguay. These experiences did not only result in an excellent command of various languages (both English and Spanish, next to her native Dutch), but also in the ability to convey a message properly in those languages, while being aware of cultural differences.

More information

Would you like to call in Talaria Communicatie for your professional translation? Or would you first prefer receiving a quotation with no obligations? Make sure to contact Talaria Communicatie right away. Judith will be pleased to help you.

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