About Talaria


Talaria Communicatie

Talaria Communicatie is an all-round communications consultancy business, owned and operated by Judith Siebring. She regularly completes work in the fields of communication and web design, but also in writing, editing and translating (in Dutch and English), as well as project management.

What are Talaria?

The Talaria are the winged sandals of the ancient Greek god Hermes. He was the high-speed messenger of the gods, travelling all over the world on his Talaria to deliver messages.

Talaria Communicatie delivers your message

It is Talaria Communicatie’s mission to deliver messages as well: fast, efficient, and aimed at the target group – anywhere in the world.

Enthusiastic, efficient, well-organized, punctual, and fast, a Dutch down-to-earth attitude, but internationally oriented; that is Talaria Communicatie.

About Talaria Communicatie’s logo

The wings of the Talaria can be found at the top of the logo. The wings are part of a dip (or fountain) pen, which represents writing, translating, communicating: everything that Talaria Communicatie does best.

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